Contempo Engineering

Contempo Engineering was a west coast based division of Zero Corporation which specialized in the design and engineering of precision cooling units. Contempo Engineering units were specifically engineered for the rigors of data center life, with the ability to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to maintain specific humidity, temperature, and static levels in a controlled area.
Thought out the '80 and into the early '90 Contempo Engineering sold over 9000 individual customers. Some of whom purchased 100's of units with varying configuration, from ceiling mounted to floor mounted in upflow and downflow configurations. These units were designed to operate with air, water / glycol and chilled water cooled medias. Each unit was customized to handle the individual requirements of outside operating conditions based on geographic location. Where standard conditions for most air conditioning manufacturers were designed at a 95 F ambient summer and 36 F ambient winter, Contempo Engineering units at the request of the customer could be designed to operate anywhere from 120 F summer in desert areas to -60 F winters in remote arctic enviroments.
Contempo Engineering's Customer base varied from Telecommunication facilities to Military Data Centers through out most of northern america and abroad. However with the coming of the mini computer in the early '90's the era of the larger Mainframe computer was coming to an end. Zero Corporation, like most of the other precision cooling air conditioning manufacturers sensed this new change in the computer industry as a threat to there industry and the eventual demis of there overall company, slowly fazed out the Contempo Engineering division.
Changing hands several times thoughout the late '90's and early 2000's, Contempo Engineering has finally found a home with Layton Manufacturing Corp. an east coast survivior of the precision Cooling industry. As of late 2003, Layton Manufacturing Corp. has revived this failing company and has changed there business design from replacement parts of existing units to the marketing and production of new units.
Now with Contempo Engineerings proven design incorporated with Layton Manufacturings knowledge and experience in the precision cooling industry, early projections show the once again successful company now known as Layton Contempo will soon again be at the forefront of the precision cooling industry.

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